Student Ministries

COVID-19 UPDATE: Please note that due to the current coronavirus pandemic, services and some ministry activities are online only until further notice. For the latest updates, be sure to check the church updates on our website and blog.

At WCC, we love our students. It’s why we work so hard to create environments and opportunities that, no matter where a student is spiritually, they can safely ask questions, learn more about Jesus, come to understand what their “next steps” may be as they grow in their faith, and develop positive, caring relationships with friends and adult mentors that truly want to walk alongside them as they approach adulthood.

Middle School and High School (7th – 12th) students are invited to join us for Youth Group, special events, and missions opportunities, as we encourage them in their next steps toward Jesus. We believe this happens best in the context of authentic and caring relationships, where students are provided leadership, connections, and experiences to navigate the challenges of the teen years, and grow closer to Jesus and each other as they mature into adults. Trained small group leaders, partnering with parents, mentor and connect with our students throughout the year.