Help lead ministries or other volunteers… Come alongside staff as they plan events or manage regular programming. These leaders catch the vision and purpose of the ministry they serve under and partner with staff to guide others. It is helpful if you have previous experience helping in these ministry areas.

Biblical Examples:
• Joshua was appointed leader over the Israelites after Moses died, leading them with courage, wisdom, and faith (book of Joshua)
• Joseph helped lead the country of Egypt, coming alongside Pharaoh during a time of famine and ensuring that people would survive (Genesis 41:37-41, 53-57)

Creative Arts Worship Team
Help lead attendees in singing and worship by serving on WCC’s worship team as a vocalist or instrumentalist. Whether you sing or play an instrument, consider using your gifts and abilities to help create unforgettable, dynamic musical worship experiences. The band includes instruments such as guitar (acoustic and electric), bass, drums, and keys. Contact: Stephanie Cloud, x237.
Sonlight Coach
Assist the Sonlight staff by helping with the flow of the morning program. Responsibilities include greeting kids, making announcements, maintaining safety, assisting with small groups (as needed) and assisting with dismissal. Contact: Beth Fehlmann, x251

Sonlight Early Childhood Coach
Maintain consistency and effectiveness in a specific Early Childhood room by shepherding volunteers, greeting parents and children, maintaining safety, and providing care to children. Contact: Beth Fehlmann, x251