Use your creative side… Partner with our ministries as they strive to incorporate technology and the arts through graphics, words, lights, music, and sound. These individuals often work behind the scenes to 
provide materials and resources that help others grasp the message being taught.
Biblical Examples:
• Bezalel and Oholiab, along with many other craftsmen, came together to build the Tabernacle (i.e., church) in Moses’ day – weavers, embroiderers, builders, metal workers, wood workers, and more (Exodus 35:30-36:2)
• Mattaniah and his brothers led the Israelites in songs of praise and thanksgiving (Nehemiah 11:17)
Sonlight Prop & Scenery Creator
Help Sonlight provide a fun, inviting atmosphere for the teaching of large group through props, sets, verse signs, banners, etc. Contact: Beth Fehlmann, x251

Sonlight Audio Visual Tech
Provide assistance with sound and lighting, as needed, to support Sonlight Large Group. Contact: Beth Fehlmann, x251
Sonlight Music Leader
Enthusiastically lead children in worship songs each week. Contact: Beth Fehlmann, x251
Creative Arts Production Team
Help support WCC’s weekend services through the technical arts. Whether you’re running a camera, displaying graphics and lyrics, mixing audio, or cueing lighting scenes, you are creating an engaging environment for attendees to connect with God. Training is provided. Contact: Stephanie Cloud, x237.

Creatively record special events, provide visuals for weekend services, websites, and communication pieces. Adults who are skilled with a camera and have a creative eye are encouraged to join us. Contact: Lia Geiger x105

Drama Team (Adult)
Act, write, or work behind the scenes with our drama team as they perform during worship services, special events, and in Sonlight. Contact: Stephanie Cloud, x237.

Writing Use your creativity and storytelling skills to help write articles, develop stories and scripts for various mediums and purposes, including; dramas, life change videos, blog articles, newsletter articles, etc. Contact: Amber Gelbaugh x107