At The Church

Serving God by serving others is something we desperately need in order to be spiritually whole and healthy. A distinguishing mark of a follower of Christ is a life marked by service to others.
God has given every Christ-follower specific spiritual gifts that allow us to serve each other and grow closer to Him. These gifts are unique expressions of His grace to us, ways we can encourage one another and be the church.  
Our volunteer opportunities are broken down into various categories, based on the gifts, skills, and personalities we each have. 
• If any opportunity resonates with you, pray about it, if you decide you would like to learn more or sign up, contact the individual listed with that opportunity, or fill out a serving form.
• If you are unsure about whether the position is a good fit for you, ask the contact person if you can shadow a current volunteer. This will give you a better idea of what your position would be like.
• Download our Resource Guide for further guidance and details on serving through WCC.


Connect with others as they grow in their faith… 

Connect with others as they grow in their faith… Come alongside our children and students as they learn about God during Sunday morning services, youth group, or special events. These volunteers enjoy getting to know those in our younger generations – listening to them, interacting with them, and helping them understand what God’s Word says.

Biblical Examples:
• Jesus welcomed the children, allowing them to come near and praying over them (Matthew 19:13-14)
• Paul invited young Timothy to join him during his missionary journey and became a mentor to him  (Acts 16:1-5)
Women’s Ministries Child Care Volunteer
Help care for little ones so that moms are free to enjoy their time at Mom’s group or morning Bible Studies without distraction. Contact: Andria Crawley, x238
Student Ministries Small Group Leader
Be involved in the lives of 6-10 middle school or high school students of the same gender as you encourage and direct them on their journey with God and others. Contact: Leslie Lentz, x114
Sonlight Small Group Leader
Shepherd a small group of children by building relationships with them, modeling Christ’s love and encouraging them to follow Christ. Contact: Beth Fehlmann, x251
Sonlight Early Childhood Volunteer
Provide a loving, warm, and nurturing environment for our infants through 3- year-olds.
Contact: Beth Fehlmann, x251


Use your creative side… 

Use your creative side… Partner with our ministries as they strive to incorporate technology and the arts through graphics, words, lights, music, and sound. These individuals often work behind the scenes to 
provide materials and resources that help others grasp the message being taught.
Biblical Examples:
• Bezalel and Oholiab, along with many other craftsmen, came together to build the Tabernacle (i.e., church) in Moses’ day – weavers, embroiderers, builders, metal workers, wood workers, and more (Exodus 35:30-36:2)
• Mattaniah and his brothers led the Israelites in songs of praise and thanksgiving (Nehemiah 11:17)
Sonlight Prop & Scenery Creator
Help Sonlight provide a fun, inviting atmosphere for the teaching of large group through props, sets, verse signs, banners, etc. Contact: Beth Fehlmann, x251

Sonlight Audio Visual Tech
Provide assistance with sound and lighting, as needed, to support Sonlight Large Group. Contact: Beth Fehlmann, x251
Sonlight Music Leader
Enthusiastically lead children in worship songs each week. Contact: Beth Fehlmann, x251
Creative Arts Production Team
Help support WCC’s weekend services through the technical arts. Whether you’re running a camera, displaying graphics and lyrics, mixing audio, or cueing lighting scenes, you are creating an engaging environment for attendees to connect with God. Training is provided. Contact: Stephanie Cloud, x237.

Creatively record special events, provide visuals for weekend services, websites, and communication pieces. Adults who are skilled with a camera and have a creative eye are encouraged to join us. Contact: Lia Geiger x105

Drama Team (Adult)
Act, write, or work behind the scenes with our drama team as they perform during worship services, special events, and in Sonlight. Contact: Stephanie Cloud, x237.

Writing Use your creativity and storytelling skills to help write articles, develop stories and scripts for various mediums and purposes, including; dramas, life change videos, blog articles, newsletter articles, etc. Contact: Amber Gelbaugh x107


Greet others when they first walk into the building...   

Greet others when they first walk into the building and guide them wherever they need to go… Whether people are first-time visitors; looking for Sonlight, the bookstore, or a specific Bible study; or wanting to learn more about upcoming events and classes at the church, greeters find out their need and then connect them with the appropriate people and resources.
Biblical Examples:
• Barnabas was one of the first believers to welcome Paul into the faith, coming alongside him, introducing him to other believers, and getting him connected (Acts 9:26-27)
• Abraham, when he saw three men standing outside of his tent, went out and welcomed them, offering to get them something to eat and drink (Genesis 18:1-5)

Program Greeting
Extend God’s kindness and compassion to everyone who enters the doors of the auditorium while you distribute the weekly program or other materials. Contact: Francie Harrold, x224

Front Door/Tour Host
Greet people as they enter church and offer assistance regarding information or ministry locations if needed. Escort first-time guests to various ministry locations. Contact: Francie Harrold, x224

Student Ministries Host Home
Open your home for a middle or high school small group to meet during Sunday night youth group. Contact: Leslie Lentz x114

Women’s Ministries Event Hostess
Create a welcoming atmosphere by setting up a table with beverages for women’s Bible studies.Contact: Andria Crawley, x238 

Women’s Ministries Event Greeter
Greet women with a warm, friendly smile at Bible studies and women’s events. Contact: Andria Crawley, x238

Sonlight Check-in
Enthusiastically welcome and register children and parent(s) into Sonlight. May also escort visitors to rooms, monitor safety of Sonlight hallways, and report concerns to the Sonlight Administrator. Contact: Beth Fehlmann, x251

Admin Office Front Desk
Fill in for the receptionist on an as-needed basis by directing calls to the appropriate staff member and greeting guests. Contact: Leah Fraley, x101

Auditorium Seating
Help people find seats in our auditorium. This task should be done quietly and efficiently with a warm and friendly attitude. Also assist with offering collection. Contact: Francie Harrold, x224

Coffee/Tea Serving
Serve coffee and tea and make people feel at home at WCC. It is our goal to show God’s love through serving people well. Contact: Francie Harrold, x224

Info Center  
Help manage distribution of various resources, assist in event registration/money collection; distribute special event tickets; answer questions. Contact: Amber Gelbaugh, x107 

Assist in traffic flow for weekend and special services with a welcoming smile and a positive attitude. Contact: Francie Harrold, x224


Help others in practical ways... 

Help others in practical ways… Many of these volunteers work to keep things running smoothly – providing snacks, planning events, or pitching in during special events. These volunteers generally prefer to work behind the scenes and help others complete the work that needs to be done.

Biblical Examples:
• John Mark assisted Barnabas and Paul on their missionary journey (Acts 13:5)
• Seven men were chosen to distribute food daily to the widows in their community so the Twelve Disciples could focus on prayer and preaching (Acts 6:1-6)
• The Levites were in charge of the Tabernacle (i.e., church) – tearing it down when the Israelites moved from camp to camp, setting it back up

Women’s Ministries Food Donation
Provide food and snacks for specific women’s ministries events. Contact: Andria Crawley, x238
Women’s Ministries “Compassion & Justice” 
Partner with Women’s Ministries as they serve in the community through events like the Community Kitchen, Home Help Days, and more. Contact: Stephanie Bibler at (574) 551-4423

Sonlight Sonsation Helper
Assist with the children during the Sonlight program while regular Sunday small group leaders gather for training and prayer. A great opportunity for parents or grandparents! Contact: Beth Fehlmann, x251

Student Ministries Youth Group Cook 
Help prepare a meal for students on Sunday nights before youth group. Contact: Leslie Lentz x114 

Student Ministries Event Chaperone 
Help prepare a meal for students on Sunday nights before youth group. Contact: Leslie Lentz x114 

Facilities Sunday Tear Down 
Help spruce up the building after Sunday services. Duties include taking out trash and setting up for night events. Contact: Robert Cunningham, x222

Program Assembly 
Join us on Friday mornings at the Main Campus in the Fireside Room as we meet to assemble programs for the weekend services. Contact: Amber Gelbaugh, x107

Assist people in finding resources related to specific needs. Ability to operate cash drawer and handle purchases. Experience in retail sales helpful, but not required. Training provided. Contact: Francie Harrold, x224

Espresso Bar
Serve made-to-order and specialty drinks in a retail coffee shop atmosphere. Strong people skills and ability to multitask and work efficiently in a fast-paced environment. Contact: Francie Harrold, x224

Buildings and Grounds
Assist with maintaining lawns, landscaping, and snow removal. Contact: Robert Cunningham, x222

Construction Projects
Put your skills to good use on projects such as general construction, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, painting, and carpentry. Work varies by need. Contact: Robert Cunningham, x222

Helping Hands
Assist people with minor home repairs and maintenance, minor auto repairs, and helping people move. Contact: Jeff Pfeifer, x104


Help lead ministries or other volunteers...

Help lead ministries or other volunteers… Come alongside staff as they plan events or manage regular programming. These leaders catch the vision and purpose of the ministry they serve under and partner with staff to guide others. It is helpful if you have previous experience helping in these ministry areas.

Biblical Examples:
• Joshua was appointed leader over the Israelites after Moses died, leading them with courage, wisdom, and faith (book of Joshua)
• Joseph helped lead the country of Egypt, coming alongside Pharaoh during a time of famine and ensuring that people would survive (Genesis 41:37-41, 53-57)

Creative Arts Worship Team
Help lead attendees in singing and worship by serving on WCC’s worship team as a vocalist or instrumentalist. Whether you sing or play an instrument, consider using your gifts and abilities to help create unforgettable, dynamic musical worship experiences. The band includes instruments such as guitar (acoustic and electric), bass, drums, and keys. Contact: Stephanie Cloud, x237.
Sonlight Coach
Assist the Sonlight staff by helping with the flow of the morning program. Responsibilities include greeting kids, making announcements, maintaining safety, assisting with small groups (as needed) and assisting with dismissal. Contact: Beth Fehlmann, x251

Sonlight Early Childhood Coach
Maintain consistency and effectiveness in a specific Early Childhood room by shepherding volunteers, greeting parents and children, maintaining safety, and providing care to children. Contact: Beth Fehlmann, x251


Support and encourage others during difficult times..

Support and encourage others during difficult times or situations... This may involve praying for them, bringing food, or helping to care for a specific individual over a period of time.

Biblical Examples:
• Epaphras was a prayer warrior for the 
Colossian believers, constantly praying for them and interceding on their behalf (Colossians 4:12)
• Dorcas (also known as Tabitha) was a woman who was known for constantly doing good works and helping others (Acts 9:36, 39)
• Friends of Mary and Martha gathered with them to mourn their brother’s death, consoling and supporting them during their time of grief (John 11:31)
Sonlight Special Friend
Assist children with emotional, physical and/or developmental needs during regular Sonlight programming. Contact: Beth Fehlmann, x251

Helping Hearts
Come alongside families during a time of illness, birth, death in the family or any other time of need. Involvement may include any or all of the following: sending cards, preparing meals, and helping with funeral dinners. Contact: Jeff Pfeifer x104

Hospital/Extended Care Visitation 
Visit and encourage individuals within our WCC family. This could include hospital, nursing home, or home visits. Contact: Jeff Pfeifer, x104
Women’s Ministries Prayer Partner
Support Women’s Ministries by praying for various aspects of events and classes. This is vital to our ministry. Prayer needs are shared through email. Contact: Andria Crawley, x238

Sonlight Prayer Partner
Pray every day for children and volunteers in Sonlight. Contact: Beth Fehlmann, x251

Sonlight Kid’s Hope Prayer Partner
Commit to faithfully pray for a child and his or her mentor. Together with the mentor, you can support a life changing experience for a child at Harrison Elementary School. Contact: Marianne Watson, x241

Community Care Prayer Partner
Partner in intercessory prayer for the specific needs of the Community Care Ministry; i.e.: healing, strength, comfort, and encouragement. Contact: Jeff Pfeifer x104

Share God’s Word with others… 

Share God’s Word with others… These volunteers teach or lead discussion with the curriculum provided for specific adult Bible studies or children’s classes. They usually love to learn, research, and communicate God’s truth to others, teaching them what the Bible says and how it is relevant to our lives today.

Biblical Examples:
• Aquila and Priscilla were a husband and wife teaching team who made sure that others understood the Gospel correctly (Acts 18:26)
• Paul often spoke boldly about the Kingdom of God, staying in one place for a period of time 
until he was able to appropriately teach the 
individuals there (Acts 19:8-10)
• While Ezra the priest read the Law, several men stood throughout the crowd of Israelites to help people understand what the Law meant (Nehemiah 8:7-8)
Woman to Woman Mentor
Come alongside another woman as she grows in her relationship with Christ. This is a one-on-one relationship designed for encouragement, support, and spiritual growth. Contact: Andria Crawley, x238

Sonlight Large Group Leader
Share God’s truths in fun and creative ways in a large, age-divided group setting. Curriculum and teaching support are provided. Contact: Beth Fehlmann, x251

Sonlight Early Childhood Storyteller
Teach basic Bible concepts to Walkers or 2-year olds with a fun hands-on curriculum using familiar nursery rhyme tunes. Curriculum and teaching support are provided. Contact: Beth Fehlmann, x251